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  • nuGen 頂級複方精油香氛貼紙 - nugenlifestyle
  • nuGen 頂級複方精油香氛貼紙 - nugenlifestyle
  • nuGen 頂級複方精油香氛貼紙 - nugenlifestyle
  • nuGen 頂級複方精油香氛貼紙 - nugenlifestyle
  • nuGen 頂級複方精油香氛貼紙 - nugenlifestyle
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nuGen Premium Aroma Patch

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『nuGen Premium Aroma Patch - nuGen Premium Aroma Patch』

This is an essential oil fragrance patch designed for the respiratory tract, which extracts natural vetiver, Spanish cypress, Italian lemon, organic frankincense, organic cedar, organic lavender, organic sweet orange, eucalyptus, lemon balm , sandalwood and other more than ten kinds of essential oils, richly concentrated in cute and healing stickers, the breath of nature shuttles through the micro-gap, and the breath seems to be in the forest. 😌 🌿   

Fragrance stickers are made of 100% environmentally friendly recycled cloth, and certified raw materials are used for fragrance stickers, essential oils, and packaging, so that everyone can use them with peace of mind.

  • Vetiver:Stimulates immune system function and improves our ability to fight stress and disease
  • Spanish Cypress: HasAntispasmodic and soothing effect, improves cough, bronchitis and asthma caused by influenza
  • Italian Lemons:Purifying airPrevent infection, purify the body, enhance immunity
  • Organic Frankincense:Relieve headache, muscle pain, joint pain
  • Organic Cedar:It has a disinfecting effect and can remove various toxins produced in the body
  • Organic Lavender:Helps to relax the body and mind, reduce anxiety and stress
  • Organic Sweet Orange: Dispels stress and improves anxiety-induced insomnia
  • Eucalyptus: purifies the air, lifts the spirit, breathes freely
  • Lemon Balm:very rare and precious,Strengthen the skin's protective power,Strengthen self-confidence, soothe emotions, energize, help sleep
  • Sandalwood: Reduces tension and balances emotions, promotes calmness and calmness
✔️ no animal experiments
✔️ EU IFRA certification
✔️ Organic ECOCERT
✔️ MSDS Safe Raw Materials
✔️ COA Ingredient Report
✔️ SGS certified non-toxic glue
✔️ R&D/Design/Manufacturing in Taiwan

Fragrance Design/Co-Development - Stars Chanson Frenchic

Essential oil raw materials: UK, France

Date of manufacture: are marked on the outer packaging

Shelf life: three years

Pattern meaning:

Star You are the brightest star - shine like a star

Yuanyuan, listen to the inner voice - listen to your inner voice

I CAN'T believe in yourself - believe in yourself

YOU You are the power - the power is within you

Love just good love - the right amount of love

Daisy Delivers Kindness and Love - spread love and kindness  

Rainbow good things are coming - good things are coming 

own this moment Cherish the present all we have is now 


Fragrance sticker size: average 1.2cm~2.5cm

Top Compound Essential Oil Fragrance Stickers 8 Packs

After opening the bag, take out the essential oil fragrance sticker and stick it on the outside of the mask, pillows, bags, clothes, etc. The fragrance can last for 6 to 8 hours.

Improve uncomfortable odor, increase air aroma, help respiratory tract, relax body and mind, and heal decoration.

All products in this package should be kept away from sources of ignition, must be tightly closed and placed in a cool place, avoid strong light and high temperature, do not eat, those who are allergic to fragrance ingredients, pregnant women and children under 12 years old should follow the doctor's advice.


1. Do you want to order essential oils on the fragrance sticker?

The fragrance has been integrated into the sticker. After opening the package, tear off the sticker and use it directly!

2. Can the fragrance sticker be reused?

Fragrance stickers can be reused! After the smell disappears, you can spray 75% alcohol to disinfect, and then you can drip your favorite essential oil!